Evaluation Program

Our commitment to quality research and service includes an independent objective evaluation of all our programs.  To this end we have engaged the Resource Development Institute (RDI). RDI is a non-profit professional services organization serving the bi-state metropolitan Kansas City area. Over the last 60 years, RDI has established a reputation for conducting credible rigorous data collection and analysis while bringing independent and objective perspectives to the evaluation process. RDI has no direct involvement in the activities of the Frontiers program, nor direct connection to the University of Kansas, thus objectivity is ensured. However, RDI evaluators work closely with Frontiers personnel and leadership to coordinate the collection of evaluation data and to assess trends, evaluate impact, and inform program renewal.

Our goals are to ensure the integrity of the evaluation through objective critique and review of activities, successes, and identification of barriers to success; to maintain open dialogue; and to present timely findings to the Frontiers Leadership Team and other stakeholders.