Informatics Training Videos

HERON Training Videos
Step-by-step instructions on how to sponsor a non-faculty member for HERON access.  Target audience: KUMC faculty.

Data Use Request
Step-by-step instructions on how to request a data set, both identified and de-identified.  Requests may only be submitted by KUMC faculty members.  Target audience: KUMC faculty.

Simple Search
Introduction on creating and executing a simple search.  Video demonstrates browsing and searching for terms in addition to placing concepts into groups for searching.  Target audience: all HERON users.
Interface overview
Introduction to functionality available in the HERON interface including options to focus or expand your search. Target audience: all HERON users. 

Temporal Constaints
Introduction to idependent search constraint and the same financial encounter constraint. Target Audience: all HERON users 

REDCap Training Videos

The REDCap Project provides videos on many aspects of REDCap.  Access the library of training videosTarget audience: all REDCap users.